Joha Harrison


Joha Harrison was born in Baton Rouge Louisiana, moved to Georgia at 17, and has been in Sacramento California for 11 years now. He has two sons that enjoy the arts just as much as does. Starting in the arts in elementary school, he eventually submitted shoe designs to Nike while in the 5th grade. Art didn't play a role in his life again until the 11th grade when he started with photography. Taking photos of everything he wanted to remember; from there, love for the art blossomed. Being a photographer for 20 years allows for a bit of confidence in the craft, but documenting history is a lifelong journey. Filmmaking is the newest of his current endeavors, its an extension of photography. It takes a still photo and allows it to breathe. His painting life or painting persona delves into a bit of the unknown. When painting, he translates thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories, and realms into painted expressions. The process of painting is a journey from the first message down to the signature. Joha combines these artforms along with film editing to create an artistic atmosphere that's available everywhere he goes.


Breeders Cup, Santa Anita Ca
World Series, San Francisco Ca
World Series, San Francisco Ca
Cornel West, Sacramento Ca
Shepard Fairey, Sacramento Ca
Martha Cooper, Sacramento Ca



Wide Open Walls

Project Optimism

Guild Theater

Crocker Museum

M5 Arts

Paola Delfin

Kiri Leigh Jones



"Humanity and the Mural" Documentary
Submitted "Humanity and the Mural" to Sundance Film Festival

"Homecoming King" Hasan Minahj 

Sutter Health Commercial



Photo Book, Surrender Was a Pose Volume 3: The Birth of an Iceberg


San Francisco Design Center

Las Positas College

Guild Theater